Rescheduling, Cancellations & Missed Exams

When Life Happens

Exams can only be rescheduled or canceled 5 or more days before your scheduled exam date. To reschedule or cancel an exam, visit and follow these steps:

  1. Log in using your username and password.
  2. Select “IC&RC” from the organization dropdown menu.
  3. To reschedule an exam, click “edit.” This will cancel your current exam date and allow you to select a new date.
  4. To cancel an exam, click “cancel.”
  5. An email confirmation will be sent to you.


You will be required to pay a rescheduling or cancellation fee to IQT before you are able to reschedule or cancel your exam. Acceptable forms of payment are Visa, Master Card or American Express.


You are unable to reschedule or cancel an exam less than 5 days before your scheduled exam date, unless you have one of the following four reasons:

  • Jury duty
  • Death in the immediate family within 14 calendar days of the exam date
  • Illness or medical complication within 14 calendar days of the exam date
  • Military deployment

If you have one of these four reasons, you must contact IQT directly and provide sufficient documentation within 14 calendar days of your missed exam. There will be no additional fee incurred under these circumstances.


If you fail to show up for your exam, do not have the proper identification or do not have your Candidate Admission Letter, you will not be permitted to sit for your exam. You will be considered a “No-Show,” your exam fees will be forfeited and you will be required to re-register and pay all fees to your IC&RC Member Board prior to sitting for the exam. Candidates who miss their scheduled exams must reschedule with their IC&RC Member Board. 

Contact Information

IQT can be reached toll-free at +1-866-773-1114.