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Participate in Clinical Supervisor Survey for Chance to Win $50.00

November 21, 2016 1:12 PM | Deleted user

IC&RC, the world leader in the credentialing of addiction-related professionals, is in the process of updating its Job Analysis (JA) for its Certified Clinical Supervisor (CCS) credential. 

A JA study is the methodical process IC&RC uses to determine elements of practice and knowledge to assess as part of its certification examinations. It clearly delineates the role of a Clinical Supervisor and the knowledge, skills, and tasks that are necessary to demonstrate competence. The JA will then serve as the content outline for IC&RC’s Clinical Supervisor Examination.

As part of the JA study, IC&RC is asking currently practicing Clinical Supervisors (CS) to complete a short survey. The survey rates the importance of tasks performed by an entry level CS. For the purpose of this survey, an entry level CS is defined as a person who has:

  • Prerequisite credential of an IC&RC ADC, AADC, CCJP, CCDP, or CCDPD credential OR a specialty substance abuse credential in another professional discipline in human services at a Master’s level or higher
  • 30 credit hours of education specific to the CCS examination content outline
  • 10,000 hours (5 years) of alcohol and drug counseling experience, with a minimum of 4,000 of those hours (2 years) of clinical practice as a Clinical Supervisor

Respondents should be currently working as a CS and rate each task importance based on an entry level CS as described above. Respondents do not need to hold a Clinical Supervisor certification or license to participate but should meet or surpass the above-mentioned requirements.

The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

If you know other Clinical Supervisors currently working in the field, please forward them the link to this survey so they may have an opportunity to provide their feedback.

The survey will be open from November 21-December 23, 2016.

The survey can be accessed at:

Continuing Education Credit and Your Chance to win $50.00

As a thank you for participation, all survey respondents will receive 1 continuing education unit credit for the renewal of their CCS credential with an IC&RC member board. In addition, all participants will be entered into a drawing for one of three (3) $50.00 Visa gift cards.

The first drawing will be made after the first two weeks of the survey being live and will be made on Friday, December 2nd.

The remaining two gift cards will be awarded at the end of the survey administration on December 23rd.

The survey will be open from November 16-December 23, 2016.

Survey Instructions

Access the survey at

Click the next button and Log in as a “new user.”  You will be provided with a unique access code and will be automatically logged into the survey.  Write down your access code for logging-in at a later time/date.

Follow the directions on each page of the survey when prompted.  Use the “Previous” and “Next” buttons located at the bottom of each page to navigate within the survey; using the back and forward buttons in the browser will result in data not saving correctly.

For your convenience, the survey system is designed to allow you to exit the survey and return later. Your responses will be saved and you may return at any time within the survey administration period; you will still need to navigate to the page where you last stopped. You will also be required to provide your unique access code in the “Returning Users” box.

If you have any technical problems associated with taking the survey, please contact Schroeder Measurement Technologies (SMT) at (800) 556-0484 extension 2104 from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM (EST), Monday - Friday, or by email at

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